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          南京龍呈自動化工程有限公司,是專業從事壓力、溫度變送器、雷達料位計、在線氣體分析儀器儀表及系統研制、生產的高科技專業公司。公司研制開發的PROFIBUS-PA/FF H1壓力變送器LC7系列、PROFIBUS-PA/FF H1溫度變送器LC8系列、26G/78G高頻雷達料位計LC9系列、在線氣體分析儀系統LC10系列、高壓斷路器觸點無線測溫系統、智能化工廠信息采集及整體解決方案,廣泛應用于水泥制造、石油化工、冶金、環保、熱處理等行業。

          Nanjing Longcheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of pressure and temperature transmitters, radar level meters, online gas analysis instruments and systems. Profibus-PA / FF H1 pressure transmitter lc7 series and Profibus-PA / FF developed by the company H1 temperature transmitter LC8 series, 26G / 78g high frequency radar level meter LC9 series, on-line gas analyzer system LC10 series, high voltage circuit breaker contact wireless temperature measurement system, intelligent chemical plant information collection and overall solutions are widely used in cement manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, heat treatment and other industries.


          My company in project management and technical innovation efforts to keep domestic leading level, absorbing the advanced experience of trying to keep pace with the world, the company adhering to the "integrity, professional, innovation, the pursuit of excellence" concept, to provide customers with technical consulting, engineering design, site service "one-stop" services.

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